The Danish Society for Philosophical Practice was founded in 2002 with the explicit aim of exploring and developing philosophical practices in Denmark. 

Since then we have come to welcome and endorse all forms of philosophical practices, including philosophical counselling, philosophy for children, socratic group dialogue, philosophy in healthcare, leadership philosophy and philosophy in professional organizations.

We believe that the core values of philosophical practice can be summarized in the following 5 virtues:






We also work toward a number of concrete goals, which support our overall aim of developing and establishing philosophical practice throughout Danish society.

For instance, we support:

  • a broad implementation of philosophical practices in the Danish educational system (e.g. philosophy for children in universal primary education as well as an increased awareness about philosophical ideas in higher education). 
  • the introduction of philosophical practices into specific areas of the Danish health care system (e.g. philosophical counselling in hospitals, hospices, retirement homes, etc.)
  • the stimulation of philosophical wonder and dialogue in society at large through art, music, cultural exhibits, literature, etc.

Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about us.